Coming home

Aaron is sick and hasn’t ridden his bike in several weeks, so he was really anxious to hit the trail yesterday. As soon as he hopped on his Bianchi and began pedaling, I heard him sigh with relief and say, “This is where I feel at home.”

Today at physical therapy, my PT had me warm up by walking on the treadmill while she worked with another patient. I walked for about five minutes before she came over, leaned up against the machine and said, “So. Do you want to run?”

I had no idea she would have me running today! I was instantly excited, but also unsure of myself. I nervously said I would try it, and then bumped up the speed so I could jog very slowly.

It has been 50 days since my accident and about three months since I last ran. Today, as my feet hit the treadmill, things didn’t feel quite the same — there is a dull sort of ache in my left ankle — but nothing hurt, and I felt improvement after each interval of jogging for two minutes and walking for one. I felt even better as I bumped up the speed. Overall, I jogged verrrrry slowly for six minutes.

And it felt like coming home.

My PT canceled my Wednesday appointment because I’m doing so well; my next (and last) visit will be a week from today.

She also handed me this, and encouraged me to start tomorrow.

I’m back, bitches.

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