How to annihilate your abs

Bored with sit-ups? Try Josh Cox’s core workout!

No, seriously. Try to do that shiz. Let me know how far you get before you collapse in a heap on your bedroom floor with your arms, shoulders and core burning like hellfire.

Or maybe that was just me?

Josh Cox is an elite runner, so he makes those exercises look easy. Mere mortals like myself can only do one move at a time before needing to rest, but I pushed through and did almost everything (push-ups on my knees, and not so many of those back-pumping things because they hurt my hamstrings).

In other news, I have a ca-razy neighbor who often paints his fence with weird messages, mostly political statements and vague sexual references (yeah, I know). I walked by recently and the fence was actually painted a solid blue, except for this:

I’m gonna keep this in mind for the next few weeks before the marathon.

Finally, check out my latest weekly recap on Answering Oliver — Marathon Training: Week 17. Whee!

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