While you’re sleeping off your hangover…

…I’ll be running the 2011 Resolution Run 5K. January 1st, baby. Great way to kick off the New Year!

There’s an optional “polar bear dive” portion of the race. I’m obviously doing it. I mean, completely submerge myself in Lake Washington in the middle of what’s supposed to be a wickedly cold and harsh winter? Duh.

From the Web site: “Participants in this 3.1 mile run/walk can choose to stay dry and compete in the standard 5K run/walk or they can choose to select the optional Polar Bear Dive 5K that takes a brief detour into Lake Washington roughly 100 yards before the 5K finish line. Results for the standard 5K and the Polar Bear 5K will be scored separately. Roughly 60% of the 1,780+ race registrants last year chose the Polar Bear Dive option.”

Once upon a time (like a few months ago), I would’ve been too chickenshit to do something like this. Maybe I would have done the run, but definitely not the polar bear part. Now I’m just freakishly excited about it. Huh.

I’ll be running/diving with my race partner, Aaron, who doesn’t exactly enjoy being cold, yet didn’t hesitate when I asked him to do this with me. Such a badass.

We’re totally making team t-shirts.

With this 5K, the half marathon and so much else to look forward to in the next year, I can safely say that 2011 is going to be awesome!!

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