I just found this photo from my very first 5K — the Fremont Oktoberfest Brew HA-HA in late September.

My first finish line. And now I have this photo to help me remember it forever! Super cool.

Today I ran for the first time since Thanksgiving morning. (Still feeling pretty virtuous about that one, btw.) I felt out of shape, but it was still immediately great to be back on the treadmill. I get really excited just to move after being cubed up all day at work.

I ran for 14 minutes and then had to walk for 2 before I could run 14 more for a total of 30 minutes (2.85 miles). I was feeling kind of bad about this until I realized that the following things took place in the last several weeks:

1) A week-long vacation, during which I ate and drank to my heart’s content (and exercised very little).
2) A four-day trip to California, which included the most gluttonous holiday of them all.
3) A pretty crappy sinus/mucas-y sickness (eww) that hit me hard Tuesday through Thursday of last week. (I signed up for the half marathon in the midst of this sickness. I’m completely crazy.)

Realizing that I had all these elements (especially the sickness) working against me made me feel a little better, and I’m excited to get back into a running/working out routine. I think I was sweating sugar tonight, as I ate an overabundance of delicious and terrible things at work today, so it’s also time to get back into a healthy eating routine.

Finding that finish line picture today has really motivated me to work hard and cross the next finish line a bit faster : )

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