Pregnancy: Week 27


This week’s slightly squinty photo brought to you by: sunshine!

Our baby is about 15 inches long, weighs more than two pounds, and is the size of a bunch of bananas. Are those giant Costco bananas or little organic bananas? Based on the fact that I can feel her punching and kicking both sides of my belly simultaneously, I’m thinking Costco. 🙂

I’ve gained 1.7 pounds since last week, putting me up about 18 pounds overall. I’m really milking this pregnancy thing for all it’s worth and enjoying daily bagels and cream cheese during the work week, weekend pancakes, and everything Aaron bakes.

The Pioneer Woman’s sour cream pancakes are my jam. Don’t be fooled, I eat five at a time.

This week I experienced two instances of intense lower-back pain after being on my feet for long periods of time (two+ hours) that I know has to do with the weight of my belly, so I need to more conscious of taking breaks to sit down when I get into my go-go-go moods. I’ll get a burst of energy and do a bunch of stuff — for example, one evening I went to the gym, then immediately did a bunch of laundry and baked a loaf of bread — and then I’ll start feeling the pain and remember I’m pregnant and my body needs to chill the eff out for a minute!

On the exercise front, I went to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for walking and weight-lifting. I’m still chugging through the first season of Startup and usually get through two episodes per treadmill session, which I really enjoy and look forward to!

My all-black uniform is still working for me. Even though it’s cotton, this Old Navy slub V-neck tee is really lightweight and just fine for breaking a little sweat on the treadmill. My lululemon Speed Shorts, which are my very favorite for running, have a comfy wide waistband and low rise that sits perfectly below my belly. The pair I’m wearing is a size bigger than my pre-pregnancy size, and I already had them on hand from when I gained weight while traveling. (Oh man… that is a deep reach into the archives from 2012.)

I also attended a fun Brooks Running event a few weeks ago, and they hooked me up with some much-needed items that I now wear constantly: the Uplift Crossback Sports Bra that actually fits and supports my newly larger chest (hurrah!!!), and Launch 3 neutral running shoes. (I was previously still wearing the Ghost 6s that I used to train for and run the Big Sur International Marathon, and they were wayyyy worn-out.)

Even though I just use them for walking right now, the Launch 3s remind me of my beloved Ghosts in that they feel made for me without having to break them in, but are much lighter. I plan to write more about the Brooks event soon, but for now, I just wanted to share that I’m loving these two items!

I feel really good about my fitness level going into the third trimester and will just aim to keep doing what I’m doing for as long as I can do it. I’m especially happy that I still have my “runner’s calves” even though I haven’t run in four months. 

It just goes to show that even something as low-impact as walking can be enough to keep you fit as long as you challenge yourself! I’ve decreased my speed quite a bit over the past several weeks, but I always vary the treadmill incline to get my heart pumping and legs burning.

In baby-gear news, I found crib sheets I LOVE!!! I originally ordered a few SwaddleDesigns sheets through my employer, but then noticed the company itself is currently having a 40% off sheet sale on its website, plus free shipping on orders over $50! They also have a wider selection of cute patterns, so I reordered the sheets directly from SwaddleDesigns.

As I mentioned, they are more expensive than the sheets I previously bought from Target and then returned, but they are made of such soft, lightweight flannel and have awesome reviews. I also discovered from perusing the website that SwaddleDesigns is a Seattle-based company started by a local mom in 2002, and the majority of its products are sewn right here in Seattle, so that makes me feel better about the price. Plus, the patterns are just so. darn. cute.

Elephants & Chickies
Mod Circles
Little Chickies

My friends and family know I have been quite resistant to buying pink things for our daughter, as I don’t want her whole life to be PINK!!!! from the very start, but I’m softening more and more on that front. It helps that these shades of pink are very subtle in person, and they look nice with our grey polka-dot crib skirt. (Many SwaddleDesigns sheets come a variety of other colors, too, not just pink and blue!)

Our childhood teddy bears approve of their new elephant friends.

We also ordered the final piece of nursery art to hang over the crib, which should hopefully arrive well before our baby does! I’ll share what it looks like when we get it, but it’s probably exactly what you’d expect. 🙂 

Thank you so much for all your breast-pump recommendations on Instagram! It sounds like Medela is by far the preferred brand, with specific shoutouts for the Medela Swing, Medela Pump in Style, and Medela Symphony. I’m leaning toward the Medela Pump in Style Advanced with On the Go Tote, as it seems to be a comprehensive set with great portability for taking to work. It’s quite expensive, though, so I’ll double-check that model with our insurance before I buy just to make sure.

Check out this Career Woman carrying her breast pump (and zero other things) with ease and grace. While wearing heels. And being in killer shape. Surely I’ll look just like that when I go back to work. 🙂

Finally, I want to share a few links that made me get all emotional and weepy this week: 

How to Be a Mama via Scary Mommy. My friend Kim, who lost her mom several years ago, shared this on Facebook, and it’s even more heart-wrenching to read as I try to imagine becoming a mom without having my own mom there by my side. Ughhh, I am sobbing again just typing this! Anyway, go read it. It’s very sweet.

14 Raw Photos That Celebrate What Giving Birth Actually Looks Like via Redbook. This may not be for you if you’re squeamish and/or reading this at work, as some of the photos are on the graphic side, but I think they’re lovely. They represent a variety of experiences: home birth, water birth, C-section, doctor-assisted vaginal birth, etc. As I think more and more about giving birth and try to imagine what it’ll be like, it helps to remember that no matter what kind of experience you have or how painful it is, the end result is so precious and beautiful. There I go, getting all soft again!

We are planning to have our ob-gyn deliver our baby at the hospital, and I’m happy to do it however is safest for her, whether that’s a vaginal birth or C-section. I’ve thought about trying to give birth without an epidural, but I’ll most likely get one. I was complaining to Aaron this week about a teeny, tiny burn on my pinky finger, and I was like, “Yeah, I should probably get an epidural.” Ha!

Anyway, that’s all several weeks away (I hope). Bring on the third trimester!

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