Pregnancy: Week 26

We took this photo last weekend, just after the Seahawks’ embarrassing loss to the Panthers. I look oddly cheerful despite the tragedy that was that game!

Our baby is the size of a butternut squash this week, measuring over 14 inches long and weighing more than two pounds. WHAT?! It seems like just yesterday that she was the size of a “tart kumquat”, but that was way back in week 10! (Fun fact: Aaron wrote in a card for our first anniversary, “Thank you for being the mother to my kumquat” or something similar; I’m sure I’ll be incredibly confused when I look back on that in like 20 years.)

I’m up another pound this week, putting me at about 16 pounds gained. I went to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday for walking and weight-lifting, and started listening to the first season of a new-to-me podcast, Startup, which chronicles the creation of a digital media company focused on producing narrative podcasts. So, yes, it’s a podcast about creating a podcast company. I don’t know how to make it sound more interesting than that, but it really is! Thank you to the commenter who suggested it, and to all the people who shared their podcast recommendations on Instagram (check out the comments on this post to see them all). It really makes the treadmill time fly by way faster than music does!

The kiddo has been kicking so hard lately that it feels like she’s trying to escape, which I’m grateful for since I recently had some feelings of panic thinking about the possibility that something could go wrong before she’s born. I know it’s unlikely, but still, a tiny seed of fear is there. Every strong kick is wonderful reassurance that she’s doing just fine.

My energy and hunger levels seemed normal this week, until I crashed hard on Thursday evening. All of a sudden I felt exhausted to the point where it reminded me of the first trimester again, and I fell asleep on the couch from 6-8:30 p.m., then had no trouble going right to bed after that. The next day, and every day since, I’ve been totally back to normal. So weird!

I’m nearing the end of the easy-peasy second trimester (does the third trimester start with week 27 or 28? I’m finding conflicting info), so I’m sure I’ll start feeling exhausted more frequently as the baby’s growth kicks into even higher gear.

As for the nursery, WE NOW HAVE CURTAINS! I spent Saturday buying — no joke — six sets of curtains between Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond, then taking them all home to hang and decide. This was after already purchasing and then returning four previous pairs of curtains. Poor Aaron stopped caring long, long ago.

Anyway, I finally found a pair I liked, then spent two hours using three different methods (dryer, iron, steamer) getting all the wrinkles out, and then ta-da!!! We have us some motherf***ing curtains! (Can you tell I was getting frustrated with this search?) They are these turquoise-y, ocean-y blue ones from BB&B.

I’m sure you’re all like, “Whatever, they’re just curtains.” And they are. But finding the right combo of color, texture, and room-darkening quality was stupid-difficult. We initially wanted blackout curtains, but these darken the room quite well (with the blinds closed; they’re open in this pic) and our baby can just DEAL WITH IT. Gosh, I’m already such a good mom.

Now that those are done, I’ve returned the crib sheets we bought, because what else would I obsess over if I had all of our textile needs figured out? I irrationally began hating the sheets and all the various bright colors, and they just weren’t as soft as I’d like. I’m now eyeing some higher-quality sheets that are also more expensive, but I do get a discount on them through my employer. All the reviews I’ve read say they’re well worth the cost. We shall see… must obsess some more first.

We are lucky to have two big closets in the nursery, and between the two closets is a narrow section of wall that would be perfect for a series of vertical bookshelves like this:

I found this pic on Pinterest, but here is the original blog post on Joy Ever After. Go look at that beautiful nursery and pretend it’s ours, mmmkay?

Anyway, it looks like they used $4 spice racks from Ikea for the shelves, so that is totally doable! We already have a few classic children’s books and I’m sure we’ll soon get many more, so I’m very excited about this project. In fact, we just got Giraffes Can’t Dance from Ali and her husband Brian today! If you read Ali’s blog at all, you know she is obsessed with giraffes and this couldn’t be more perfect coming from her.

Thank you, sweet friend! #freshfromthegym #wokeuplikethis

Speaking of gifts, Aaron’s dad and stepmom gave us some adorable decor they found at Hobby Lobby this week. My favorite item — the one that made me cry in the middle of a restaurant — is this:

The perfect sentiment for our little girl. Thank you, Dwight and Maggie. 🙂

It’s not so much gifts themselves that make me cry; it’s the thought of people we love taking the time to pick out things especially for our daughter. I just get so overwhelmed by the amount of love that is already so evident for her. I don’t know how my tender heart will even handle life when she actually arrives!

Eh-hem… get it together, Devon. In other news, I found an awesome maternity dress that will work for both my baby shower and my friend’s wedding in April! I’ve struggled with finding flattering dresses, as that body-hugging silhouette that looks so cute on some pregnant women just hasn’t worked for me based on the dresses I’ve tried. This maxi dress, on the other hand, is flowy and soft and all those good things. I think it’ll also work well post-birth since it has a nursing-friendly neckline and will skim nicely over the remains of my belly. And it feels like wearing pajamas, but looks dressed-up — my fave.

Since my call for podcast recommendations worked so well last week, I’ll end this week’s post with a few more questions for parents:

1. Where did you mount your baby-monitor camera so that you can see into the crib but not have the cord hanging within reach of it? We’re struggling with this. Maybe we’ll just have to hang it close to the crib, but thoroughly secure the cord to the wall so she can’t strangle herself with it?

2. What is the best breast pump for a working mom? We checked with our insurance company and they’ll reimburse us for any model, so we just need to decide! I’d love to hear your recommendations for the best model in terms of ease of use, cleaning, and portability.

Feel free to leave a blog comment, shoutout on Instagram, or email me at if you have brilliant answers to one or both of these questions. Thanks in advance!

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