Last Week’s Workouts: 7/13-7/19

I’m sorry for the delay in writing this post! I started my new job on Tuesday and I’ve been busy doing lots of new-hire paperwork and studying for my role. I’m working in the fashion industry now, writing about clothes all day — so rough, but someone has to do it! I have a lot to learn about brands, trends, garment styles, and all the details that go into clothes (necklines, silhouettes, pockets, cuffs, etc.). It’s kinda nuts, but it’s also awesome. I feel very lucky!

Back to last week: I got (mostly) back on track. It was an unusual week in that I had my last day at my previous job, attended my mom’s wedding, and suffered my first trail-running injury (although it was not one I ever anticipated). Read on!

Slept in. Plus wine and The Bachelorette in the evening, of course.

Slept in. Wahhh.

Ran 4.6 miles at 9:04 average pace. It’s amazing how much better my whole day feels when I wake up early and exercise. I feel more energized, have more time to make a legit breakfast (because if I don’t wake up to work out, I just sleep as late as possible), and can go to work feeling like I already accomplished something.

Lifted weights for 30 minutes. 

This was my last day working at Redfin, where I was a copywriter for nearly three years! If Redfin is in your area, you really should work with a Redfin Agent to buy or sell your home; you’ll get great service and save a ton of money. We sold Aaron’s condo with a Redfin Agent and had a fantastic experience! (They don’t pay me to say that anymore, so you know it’s true.)

Rest day. My mom got married to her love of 11 years, Don! They had a very sweet, simple courthouse with just my brother, Aaron, and me in attendance, and then we all went out to eat. It was perfect!

I don’t have any wedding photos to share yet, but here’s a pic of the little bouquet I made for my mom with white roses from Safeway. It turned out really well and she loved it!

Ran 5.2 trail miles at 13:07 average pace. Ugh, this was a slog. I’m terrible at pacing myself while trail running, so I end up walking a bunch. I still enjoy myself, but I long for those fit days when I felt like a strong runner. I’m working on it!

Ran 3 trail miles at 12:39 average pace. I was planning to run 5 miles, but I got stung by something (hornet or wasp) TWICE at mile 2. It stung me in the back, and then it must have gotten into my tank top because it stung me again on the stomach as I was whipping off my top to try to get rid of it. 

I was really shocked because I hadn’t heard anything buzzing around me; it just came out of nowhere. The worst part was that I couldn’t see the sting on my back, so I had no idea how bad it was. (I actually didn’t realize I’d been stung on my stomach until I got home because it was significantly less painful than the first sting.) When I ran into a guy walking his dog on the trail, he looked at my back and said it was definitely some type of sting, but I’d live. This was actually helpful information, since my crazy, worst-case-scenario brain was all like, “What if it was a black widow bite and I’m about to die??”

Anyway. It was not the most fun experience — both stings still itch four days later — but it won’t keep me away from trails. Now I know to be more wary of stinging insects than bears!

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