Last Week’s Workouts: 6/29-7/5

I’m not even sure I can call this post Last Week’s Workouts. How about Last Week’s Workout?

My schedule is all out of whack with Aaron being gone. I’ve been staying up later, sleeping in more since I’m tired from staying up late, and skipping workouts.

I also felt really stressed and anxious last week because I accepted an offer for a new job (!!!) and gave notice at my current job. I don’t know why I was so anxious because everything worked out well, but I lay awake at night worrying about the whole process of negotiating the offer, telling my boss I’m leaving, and thinking about how life will change in a few weeks. It was especially weird to not have Aaron around to talk through everything (although we texted a lot using WhatsApp!).

I’m walking away from a lot of perks at my current job, but ultimately my new role will be a better fit for where I want to go in my career, with a lot more opportunities for advancement. Change is always tough, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Finally, I spent the three-day Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas for my friend Gillian’s bachelorette party, so you know there was no working out there! It was a ton of fun. More on that below.

I slept in and skipped yoga. I fully intended to do it after work, but I got the job offer during the day and spent the evening on the phone with multiple people talking about it. And then it was time for The Bachelorette! And wine. Lots of wine.

30 minutes of weights — this routine at the gym. This was my one workout of the week!

I skipped my run, sadly. I was looking forward to it to help relieve some of my anxiety, but sleep won. Then I planned to run in the evening, but it was just too hot and I was too lazy. Theme of the week.

I could not fall asleep for the life of me on Wednesday night because I was anxious about telling my boss that I’m leaving, so Thursday was another sleep-in day.

I felt sooo relieved after talking with her on Thursday, and was finally able to feel excited about what’s ahead. I spent Thursday evening running a few errands for Vegas and packing!

I woke up at 3 a.m. to get ready and go to the airport. I didn’t feel that tired at the time because I was excited for the trip, but a few nights of bad sleep really hit me on the plane and I think I took a little nap. Then it was all sun and fun for the rest of the day!

I’ve known Gillian since kindergarten, and we’ve been good friends since 8th grade. She was one of my bridesmaids, and she even caught the bouquet at our wedding! Obviously I take full responsibility for her engagement. 🙂


We stayed at Planet Hollywood, and we spent lots of time at the pool. I believe the high temp was 110 degrees, which is CRAZY, but luckily there were plenty of icy beverages to keep us cool.


We had fun outfit themes for the weekend, starting with the bride-to-be in white and the rest of us in black for our first night out on the town.


BFFs since 8th grade! I wore the Gym Short Romper from Rent the Runway (here’s the lowdown on Rent the Runway). Gotta love anything that has “gym short” in the name, right?


The whole group at The Venetian. We went to dinner at some Mexican restaurant there, and then hit a few clubs, including Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay, which has an awesome view of the strip! And we had free champagne, which is always nice.


Gillian and her lovely sisters!

What’s more patriotic on the Fourth of July than walking around Las Vegas decked out in red, white, and blue? We even had matching American flag sunglasses!


We slept in, had breakfast, and then moseyed around for a few hours seeing the sights. We also saw Mike Tyson! At first I thought it had to be a Mike Tyson impersonator because he was walking around alone with no entourage, but shortly afterward we saw a big sign at a sports memorabilia store that said “MEET MIKE TYSON TODAY!” So, there’s that.

After more pool time, we got dressed up in our patriotic eveningwear.


I wore the Deep Blue Dress from Rent the Runway. Vegas screams for sequins.


The bachelorette wore the Sweet Almond Martini Dress for her first RTR rental. It was gorgeous on her!

We had an incredible seafood dinner at Aquaknox in The Venetian; probably the best seafood I’ve ever had. We started with crab ceviche, and I had perfectly cooked salmon with forbidden rice for my entree. Our waiter even gave us complimentary prosecco, dessert, and dessert drinks! The meal was on the expensive side, but very, very worth it. I’ll certainly go back if I’m ever in Vegas again.

After dinner, we went outside to watch fireworks, but we didn’t watch for very long because… well… if you’ve seen fireworks once, you’ve seen them all. And surprisingly, the fireworks were not very impressive. You’d think Vegas would have an over-the-top show, but not so much.

As we walked to our next destination, we saw that people had taken over the strip and were just walking in the middle of the street! We took advantage and got a fun picture.


The last time I was on the strip, I was running my first marathon! My legs were just as tired after two nights of partying this time as they were after that race. 🙂

We wound up at XS at Encore, which is what I had imagined a quintessential Vegas club to be. The majority of the club was outside, surrounding the huge pool.


It was super fun, but a LATE night. We were out until 3 a.m., I think? Thank goodness I wore flat sandals! I learned my lesson the night before.

We flew home on Sunday, and generally tried to recover from the events of the weekend. I don’t know how I used to function in real life with all the partying I did in college, but I certainly can’t do that anymore! Ahhh, to be young(er) again. (Actually, no. I’m good.)

Time to get back on a good schedule this week. My top priority is to catch up on sleep. I’ve discovered that whether I exercise or not depends hugely on the quality and quantity of sleep I had the night before. And exercising in the morning helps me fall asleep faster at night, so it’s a positive cycle.

All aboard the zzzzzz train!

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