I’ve been slacking hardcore on blogging. Let’s go real quick-like:

– I joined a gym last Tuesday for the sole purpose of running weeknights on the treadmill in order to avoid being attacked by creepers in the darkness.

In my area, this is a real concern. Choice quote from that news story: “The victim described him as looking ‘methy’ with very bad teeth, sunken eyes and a wiry build.”


– I asked the gym sales guy if the treadmills automatically reset after 60 minutes. His response was: “Hmm, I don’t know. I’ve never known anyone who wanted to run for longer than that.” Ha. Hahaha.

– I have appointments at two bridal shops on November 9 to fiiiiiiinally start trying on wedding dresses! My mom and future MIL will accompany me to provide emotional support and/or judgment. Unfortunately, I can’t post any photos, even of reject dresses; Aaron doesn’t want to see me in any wedding dress until our actual wedding day. Aww.

– Running! I have been doing it. One four-mile jaunt on the treadmill last week, and then outdoor running on Saturday and Sunday.

I did 5 miles on Saturday and ran into Aaron at a stoplight as he was completing 64 miles on the bike.


Fancy seeing you here!


On Sunday, I met up with Lauren, Lauren, Becky, and Rebecca for a six-mile run around Lake Union.


We kept a casual, conversational pace and had lots of fun chatting about all things running + more!

I already knew the Lauren in blue from Hood to Coast and Rebecca in the Oiselle sweatshirt from our pre-Chicago brunch, but the other Lauren and Becky are new friends! I’m glad they let a Devon crash the Lauren/Rebecca party.


Photo taken after the run. The girls then grabbed coffee at the shop behind us, but I kept on running home since I had afternoon plans. Prior to changing into dry sweaters/jackets, Lauren and Rebecca were also wearing the Oiselle flyer jacket that I wore. I got it in my Hood to Coast swag bag and it’s perfect for running in the rain!

I picked up the pace for the four miles home. First double-digit run since the Chicago Marathon!


I can’t believe the race was two weeks ago. I still have a pretty intense post-marathon high.


Not to mention autumn-running high. Can the leaves just stay this pretty forever?

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