Weekend Hijinks

I took five full rest days after the marathon. I also spent the latter half of last week feeling incredibly exhausted — crashing hard at 8:30 and in bed by 9, when I normally go to sleep around 10:30.

I thought I was getting sick, but an overly paranoid trip to the doctor proved I was just fine. Honestly, I think I was extra lethargic (on top of normal marathon recovery) due to the lack of exercise!

Saturday morning was my triumphant return to running. My legs felt brand-new. Did I really just run a marathon??


It was weird to just run without a plan — no particular number of miles or pace to hit. I had been looking forward to relaxing my running after the marathon, but now I think I’ll create some sort of fitness maintenance plan to see me through the fall/winter. I actually like having a schedule to follow so I don’t have to make decisions on the fly! More on this later.

On Saturday evening, Aaron and I attended his cousin Debra’s wedding. It was a formal affair, so we got all fancy-like.


I finally got to wear my Banana Republic LBD! I’m obsessed with this dress because it’s simple and classy, yet stretchy enough so I can comfortably move and dance! I will wear it for years to come (or for as long as I can fit into it… TBD).

This pic is blurry because Aaron hates having his picture taken, but check out that natty slim-cut suit. Yow!


The wedding was at Chihuly Garden and Glass, which is directly under the Space Needle! It was a stunning setting.



Mazel tov!

The wedding guests had the opportunity to tour the Chihuly museum during the cocktail hour and reception. The blown-glass sculptures are just incredible and definitely worth a visit when you’re in Seattle!


The whole Pass family was looking spiffy for the occasion.


Aaron and his beautiful sisters, Erin and Lauren. They are his steps, but I think they look a lot alike!


Greta and I killed it on the dance floor. And by “killed it,” I mean we actually killed the art of dance. Ruined it forever. Sorry.



Our wedding is going to be so embarrassing for everyone involved. Get excited.


Congrats, Debra and Mark! What a crazy-beautiful wedding.

Just two glasses of wine and plenty of food in my belly meant that I was NOT hungover the next day, so I was up early on Sunday for a run.


Wedding cake carb-loading for the win.

Aaron and I then spent our afternoon finally shooting our engagement photos (after a year of being engaged!) with the very talented Kali Leenstra.

I was extremely nervous because I feel really awkward in front of cameras, but Kali is such a pro that I think it went well. I literally said: “We are relying on your talent to conceal our awkwardness.” No pressure!

I can’t wait to see how the photos turned out in a month or so. For now, we just have this pic that Kali snapped on her phone at the end of our session.


Fall is the best. 🙂

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