All there’s left to do is run

Flat Devon is ready!


Real Devon is trying not to poop her pants!

My dad asked me what I’d be wearing so he could spot me. THAT!

My mom asked me what my race number was so she could track me. THAT! (12053)

I actually don’t know if live tracking will be available online, but it was for San Diego Rock ‘n Roll several weeks ago when I decided to stalk my friend’s little sister during her first marathon.

Let’s see, how about some GOALS?

A goal: 3:55

B goal: 3:59:59

C goal: PR (sub-4:15:10)

D goal: Finish with a smile!

I’ve got the smile part down already.


Totes wore that to work today, just in case any of my co-workers somehow didn’t know I’M RUNNING A MARATHON TOMORROW or they already knew and WANTED TO BE REMINDED.

Sorry so CAPS-LOCK-Y. I’m too excited.

Thank you for all of your good-luck messages and tweets and such. Thanks to my friends and family for the Facebook posts and texts and phone calls! ❤

The training was the hard work. The race is the CELEBRATION.


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