Recovery… or not

I’m officially awful at slowing down for recovery runs.

I met up with Megan, who works for Nuun and is organizing all the Hood to Coast goodness, for an “easy” run around Green Lake tonight. She’s still recovering from running (and PRing!) the Tacoma City Marathon a few weekends ago, and I just did my long run yesterday, so we agreed to take it slow-ish.

But then… just… nope.

I’m kind of a running loner (roner?) and usually run by myself, so I’ve forgotten how the miles can fly by when you run and chat with a friend! It’s seriously weird how I can remember everything Megan and I talked about, but I can’t recall covering various parts of the trail, even though we ran all the way around the lake, plus some more. Where did the miles go?

Oh, they must’ve gotten chewed up and spit out by my awesome new shoes.

I’ve never had fun, bright shoes before, so I’m a little obsessed.

The Asics Cumulus 15s have some serious cushioning. I removed the Asics inserts, which have even more foamy cushioning, and used my custom inserts (high arches, yo) to firm them up a bit. I felt a bit like I was running bouncing on pogo sticks (in a good way).

One run isn’t enough to be able to give a firm yea or nay on these shoes, but so far, I’m feeling good about them. They were a little stiff, which is to be expected, and don’t quite have that fits-like-a-glove feel that I’m so used to with the Ghosts, but maybe we’ll get there in a few miles.

Yup, I said we — my bright-ass shoes and me. Aaron should watch out; this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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