Happy Mother’s Day

I kicked off this Mother’s Day with a little half-marathon for a long run.

NEWS FLASH: Running 13 miles is way, wayyyyyy more fun than running 18 miles!


I started out cautiously to make sure my knees felt OK, and then sped up a bit when I felt assured they weren’t going to make trouble. I wound up with an average pace that’s right on target for my long runs — I’m trying to hit 9:00 to 9:10 (a 9:10 average pace equals a 3:59:59 marathon).

My next long run includes a RACE! I’ll run Seattle’s Best 15K this Saturday, then run 10 miles afterward to bring the mileage to 19. It should be… fun…?

I’m excited for tomorrow’s run because I’ll get to test out my new shoes!


I walked into Road Runner Sports wanting to try the the Saucony Triumph based on a recommendation, but they felt really stiff and awkward on my feet. I didn’t even like walking in them, let alone running in them.

So the salesgirl brought me other neutral options similar to my beloved Brooks Ghost 4, and I wound up liking the brand-new Asics Cumulus 15. I have 90 days (!) to run in these and return them if I don’t like them, so yay!

Aaron and I had a great day spending time with both of our moms. We had lunch with his mom and stepdad, then headed over to my mom’s house for dinner and a movie. We brought our favorite cupcakes to share!


I had the cookies ‘n’ cream one (middle of the front row), and just polished off a red velvet one (back right) as I’m typing this. Yummmm. Can’t wait to enjoy these at our wedding!!

I can’t remember the last time I gave an update on my mom’s health on the blog, and it seems that everyone (in real life) has been asking me lately, so the update is: She is now three months out from her surgery, back to work, and halfway through her treatment!

I couldn’t believe it today when she said it had been three months since the surgery; it felt like just yesterday that I was back home helping her in those first few days of recovery. In a way, time feels like it’s gone quickly, but I remember that the month of February felt as long as an entire year. Each day just felt much heavier than a normal day, if that makes sense…

I was going to write more, but I’ve just gone and made myself really emotional, and I need to get some sleep.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you so much. Here’s to lighter days ahead.

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