Hood to Coast news and training updates

The Hood to Coast team assignments are in!!!

I’m runner #12 for Team Watermelon (lemonade and watermelon are Nuun’s new summer flavors), which means I get to run the very last leg of the whole relay onto the beach in Seaside, Oregon!



Nuun asked us for our top three runner position preferences, and 12 was my third choice, so I’m very happy I got one of my choices! I think it’ll be unforgettable to run that last leg — I’m sure I’ll be absolutely exhausted, borderline delirious — and cross the finish line with Team Watermelon.

Here are the details and HTC-provided notes about all three of my legs:

  • Leg 1: 6.32 miles, medium difficulty, little to no shade
  • Leg 2: 4.92 miles, easy, no music allowed on this leg for some reason (no prob, I never listen to it)
  • Leg 3: 5.23 miles, medium difficulty, little to no shade, considerable elevation gain or loss (I’m guessing loss, since this leg ends at sea level!)

In total, I’ll run just under 16.5 miles. My position is ranked 6th out of 12 for mileage and 8th for difficulty.

I’m SO excited!!!

Moving on… I’m smack in the middle of week 12 of my 18-week marathon training plan, and feeling like Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle will be here before I know it.

I adjusted my schedule a bit this week to accomodate a get-together with girlfriends on Monday night, and it’s totally screwing with my legs. Five miles Tuesday + eight miles Wednesday = havoc wreaked on my knees.

Tuesday’s run: Easy-ish and pleasant.


Wednesday’s run: Comfortably hard through mile five, and then my knees started yelling at me. I slowed down a little… then some more… and then WAY more for the last mile.


My knees felt better once I slowed down, but the pain was worrisome enough that I’m going to take Thursday off and get my five-miler in early Friday morning before work (Aaron and I have dinner plans with Meg and her husband Friday evening). I may not do hills, like I usually do, since running downhill is so stressful on the knees.

You hear that, body? I’M LISTENING. No need to mess with me any further. You call the shots up in this joint.

Aaaaand to end this on a positive note, I will show you that I ventured boldly into the exciting world of skirts today. Stripey skirts, no less.


The sudden onset of 80-degree temps and my extreme aversion to pants has forced me to go where my closet has not gone before. I have dresses, sure, but skirts are much more complicated to me. Every time I try on a skirt, I wonder what the hell I’ll wear with it. I just happened to already be wearing a perfectly matching tank today, so I had no excuse not to get it.

Plus, this skirt has an elastic waistband. That means I’ll get to enjoy the kind of comfort that’s usually only considered acceptable in public for toddlers and the elderly.

All the cool people are wearing elastic-waisted stripey skirts this summer. You’ll see.

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