Sunday spin and eat

Aaron and I started off the day with our first-ever spin class: an hour of sweat and torture paradise at Flywheel in South Lake Union.


I’m wayyy too cheap to pay for a gym membership or fitness classes when I can just run outside and ride my own bike at no cost, but I’ll certainly try something new when the first class is free!

My boss is a Flywheel regular, and she thought I’d enjoy it since I like to push myself and I’m… slightly competitive (there’s a big-screen leaderboard that ranks everyone in the class by performance). Aaron is the same way, so of course he was down to try it.

The staff was super-friendly and did a great job showing us around the beautiful, modern-chic facility and helping us adjust our bikes since it was our first visit. The 46 bikes were set up on stadium-style levels around the instructor; Aaron and I had #13 and #14.


The instructor, Aina, welcomed us all, then turned down the lights, pumped up the music, and radiated nonstop energy as she called out instructions, sang along to the songs, and motivated us to push hard for the entire hour. It was like working out in a nightclub, except everyone is sweating from spinning instead of dancing. I loooooved the music — particularly the Rihanna song Lost In Paradise, which I’d never heard before — since I don’t usually work out with music and forgot how motivating it can be!

I can tell this is a tough workout normally, but Aaron’s legs were extra-tired from eight hours (!) of mountain biking on Saturday, and mine were extra-tired from my 13-mile long run.

I coped by going a little easier on my legs than I otherwise would have, and Aaron coped by, uh, pushing himself even harder. This is why he wins all those mountain bike races, and why he was constantly at the top of the Flywheel leaderboard! I was somewhere in the bottom third… heh.

Regardless, I got a GREAT workout, and I love being able to see my stats from the class in my Flywheel account.


Maybe this is standard for spin classes, but I’m still impressed by all this fancy shiz!

Perhaps this is why the classes are $25 a pop, or a little less if you buy a package or monthly unlimited membership. At that price, Flywheel is not going to be a regular thing for me, but I enjoyed the experience and it was fun to try something new with Aaron! Plus, it was nice to get my cross-training done first thing in the morning and burn some calories in preparation for Aaron’s belated birthday dinner.

He didn’t get enough cycling in for the day, apparently, and took his vintage penny-farthing for a spin around the neighborhood before dinner.


Ha! This has been taking up space in our condo for a while, so we brought it over to his parents’ house to store for a few years until we get a bigger place. They are so nice. : )

It was a total Paleo cheat night. We had grilled cheeseburgers with buns and all the fixings, corn on the cob, and an epic birthday cake that Aaron’s mom made from scratch.


That would be a three-layer chocolate cake with Oreo-buttercream filling and regular buttercream frosting on the outside. Plus, a bike and more Oreos on top!


Notice Grandpa O being awesomely happy in the background. FYI: He is 87 and swims laps three times a week. He’s the healthiest, most spry octogenarian I’ve ever met.


WHAT. Oh, it was good, y’all.


Greta and I were matching, and I demanded we take this photo to document it.


Aaron, Greta, and Grandpa O being all cute.

Now it’s time to get back on the healthy eating train after a weekend of indulging. We went out for pizza Friday night and the leftovers stretched into Saturday and Sunday… urgh.

I loved this blog post I read today called I Eat Whatever I Want about Paleo eating and cheating:

“Sometimes, I really do ‘want’ a delicious drink and some Mexican food that maybe isn’t totally paleo-compliant. And so I have it. And I don’t fret over it, mentally beat the crap out of myself or otherwise wise have a personal breakdown. I eat it, have fun, and then steer the paleo truck back onto the road again. And if I realize, with some post-fun regret, that maybe that wasn’t *really* what I ‘wanted’ for the long-term, I chalk it up to a learning experience and drive the fuck on.”

Everything I ate this weekend tasted amazing, and I don’t regret it, but I don’t like how bloated I feel after eating processed carbs, how gross my mouth tastes after eating lots of sugar, and how… umm… unpleasant some other things are after eating dairy. It just reminds me how much better I feel while eating Paleo and really look forward to going back to feeling that way.

Aaaaanyway, I’m excited to get back on track and start week 10 of marathon training tomorrow!

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