15 miles and homemade cookie dough Laraballs

I still feel a bit nervous before every long run, but I’m always good once I get going ā€” and I finished this one strong!

It was super-cold and windy for the first few miles, but I warmed up in no time. Later in the day, it rained and HAILED like crazy, so I was glad I got my run done early!

Then, to help replace the 1,600+ calories I burned, I made cookie dough Laraballs!

I used this recipe that’s supposed to taste like homemade cookie dough Larabars, but made the dough into balls rather than bars… so, Laraballs!

Instead of mixing chocolate chips into the dough, I melted dark chocolate chips and drizzled the chocolate over the balls. I also omitted the sea salt in the dough and instead sprinkled a little Peruvian pink sea salt on top, which made these babies taste more like truffles than energy bites! Yum yum yum.

Aaron says these are even better than the peanut butter bites, which is saying a lot because he looooves peanut butter.

Can’t wait to bring some to snack on during Aaron’s race tomorrow! Fingers crossed for no more rain or hail…

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