The birthday boy

Aaron turned 27 yesterday! What can I say about him other than that I can’t wait to marry his face off?

And he has many faces.

Muddy face.

Hipster face.

Cinnamon roll race.

Champagne face.

Horse face.

Race face.

Winning face.

Angsty face.

Baby face.

I hope our future child comes out looking exactly like him, because dang, that is one cute baby!

I have pictured many times what his face will look like as I walk down the aisle toward him on our wedding day, and it always makes me cry. I imagine it will look something like his winning face; hopefully not so much the horse face.

I’m the real winner, though, because I get to wife the sweetest, funniest, foxiest guy in the world.

Happy birthday, my love.

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