My application to run Hood to Coast 2013 with Nuun

Feel free to make fun of me for this video; it’s fairly dorky!

For the past few years, Nuun has put together teams of female running bloggers (sorry, guys) to run the Hood to Coast relay. I’ve followed along with the Nuun adventures through various bloggers (namely Jocelyn of Enthusiastic Runner) and always thought it looked like so much fun!

Last year, I was traveling in Southeast Asia when it was time to apply, and I was a little too busy (eating) to put together a video application. Besides, Nuun seemed to be choosing mostly big-name, super-popular running bloggers that they had also chosen the first year, so I figured I didn’t have a chance.

This year, Jocelyn posted that Nuun is looking for brand-new faces, so I decided to throw my (sweaty, pink) hat into the ring! The deadline to submit a video was Friday night, so I scrambled to film a few parts and edit it all together that night.

Only now am I seeing the Nuun has extended the deadline to TONIGHT (Sunday, 4/7) at midnight PST, so throw together a video and send it in if you want to apply!

Big thanks to Aaron for helping me film my video (and making fun of my dance moves, but he does that anyway). GOOD LUCK to anyone else who has applied or is going to!!!

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