Fast 14

The weather was NOT cooperating for my long run this morning.


We’re used to rain in Seattle, but not torrential, horizontal, end-of-days style rain! It was crazy. I waited it out until just before 2 p.m., when I saw blue sky emerging.

I ran a little faster than usual because I wasn’t sure how long the good weather would hold. Six miles in = still good!


10.75 miles in = still good weather, but not-so-good palm scrapes.


For the very first time, I totally ate it while running. I was slurping on my second chocolate Clif shot and not really paying attention to the sidewalk when my foot caught an uneven spot and launched me forward. Luckily, I only suffered minor scrapes on both palms — plus major loss of dignity, as I was running along a fairly busy street.

I think the rule is that if you can Instagram your injury, you’re OK. I would hope nobody has ever tried to choose the perfect filter while, like, bleeding out or something. Hashtag #bleedingout.

Anyway, the wind picked up and dark clouds started rolling back in at that point, so I hightailed it toward home to round out 14 miles.


Whoops. A little fast. Must work on my “long, slow distance” technique before I burn out.


Now, a Seinfeld marathon (Aaron is watching the whole series from the beginning; I grew up with it and love re-watching) and eating allllllll the food! I roasted a bunch of veggies and Aaron just grilled some flank steak — YUM.

Also, he made more peanut butter bites, and they’re somehow even better this time around.

I would love to make them sometime with chocolate almond butter and just die of happiness from all the chocolatey goodness. Ooooh, just try and stop me!

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