Cherry blossom run, Easter fun, and catering gluttony

Time to rewind!


I decided it’d be fun to run my 9-miler as an out-and-back with an exciting destination in the middle, and what better destination in early spring than the quad at my alma mater, the University of Washington? There be cherry blossoms for daaaaays!


It was an incredible weather day, so the quad was packed with people who were trying to get that perfect photo of their husband/wife/toddler/wedding party posing in the cherry blossom wonderland without getting anyone else in the shot. Craziness.

I was happy to spend a few minutes there, then head back toward home via Green Lake.


It was a hillier long run than I’m used to (on purpose), but still great!


Aaron was out mountain biking all morning, then doing a maternity shoot for his friends who are new parents-to-be, so I took further advantage of the beautiful day and walked ~1.5 miles to Road Runner Sports to stock up on essentials: chocolate Clif Shots, Clif bars, a few cute running tanks, and a Stick. Then I moseyed to a grassy expanse at Green Lake to bask in the heavenly late afternoon sunlight.


I call this photo “doing it right.”


Speaking of doing it right…


YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD. I was genuinely thrilled to hang out with the Easter bunny. Aaron? Not so much.

We hit multiple Easter celebrations between our two families on Sunday, but the most-photographed event was a buffet brunch with my dad and brother at Echo Lake Golf Club (we don’t play golf, we just eat). It was delicious, and the weather was gorgeous once again.


You’ll notice that my dad is in the midst of growing an epic beard. He is constantly compared, by both friends and strangers, to The Most Interesting Man in the World.


This dress fit me perfectly last summer, but I spent all Sunday pulling it up so it wouldn’t fall down and reveal my bra. Sometimes you shrink in less-than-ideal places when you lose weight — wah-wah! (Also: my engagement ring is getting dangerously loose. Never saw that one coming.)

Aaron and I wound up doing our best to combat weight loss that day, though. When faced with the delectable dessert table of the buffet, we stared at the cakes and cookies and tarts, stared at each other, and then decided to just call it a day and eat whatever the heck we wanted. Miiiiight have almost broken My Fitness Pal when I entered everything I enjoyed!


After work, Aaron and I had a private tasting with another wedding caterer from our venue’s preferred caterers list. It was the “budget” option, so I had kind of low expectations… and I was proven both right and wrong.

  • Salad: Meh. Just spring mix with sliced strawberries, feta, pine nuts, and a balsamic dressing. I make better salads at home pretty much daily.
  • Cheese tortellini: Double meh. Tasted super-generic, like it could have come from the a grocery store freezer aisle. It might have.
  • Chicken in lemon sauce: The chicken tasted oddly fake — too smooth and uniform in texture. The sauce was too heavy and also kind of artificial tasting.
  • Grass-fed beef sliders with arugula, melty cambozola cheese, and bacon jam on soft potato rolls: Completely, out-of-nowhere AMAZEBALLS. Literally the best sliders I’ve ever had in my life. I died and went to heaven, then ate another slider and died again. The reason these were so good is because they were lifted from the Skillet menu. I guess the owner of Skillet is the nephew (or something) of the woman who owns this restaurant/catering company.
  • Gooey, homemade Oreo brownie with whipped cream: Also mind-blowingly amazing, but had no bearing on our catering decision since we’ve already chosen our dessert vendor.

So, this catering company is out of the running, but we are going to try to recreate the sliders as a passed appetizer at our wedding. They. Were. SO. GOOD.

Tomorrow night: Another tasting with another caterer! This one will be on the fancier end of the spectrum. Gosh, life is hard.


I worked from home today, since we had some dudes in our condo repairing water damage caused by a leaky roof. Before:




Like new! And paid for by the homeowner’s association. Yay!

I got out for a fast run this evening:


Two days of no exercise = fresh, speedy legs.

I felt great during the run, but am now feeling sorta off. Maybe I ran too fast, or waited too long to eat after my run (I also lifted weights), or ate something funny (like an exorbitant amount of spaghetti squash), or the paint fumes have gone to my head (most likely, now that I think about it).

Whatever the case, it’s time to call it a night. I need to feel fresh for more catering delights tomorrow!

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