March 31 weigh-in

I only have time this morning to post about yesterday’s nine-mile run OR my March 31 weigh-in, and the weigh-in is more exciting, so here ya go!

(As always, ignore the body fat percentage.)

March 15: 138.4
March 31: 138.0
Loss: 0.4 pound

Total loss since March 1: 7.6 pounds

I’ve weighed myself daily and noticed that I fluctuate between 138 and 139 day to day. I dipped down to 137.6 once, but 140 has NOT reappeared on the scale!

I’ve always said that 138 was my marathon “fighting weight” — where I feel in good shape, but not stick-thin, and strong enough to run a solid marathon. At 5’6" with an athletic build (very muscular legs that have had people asking me, “Do you play soccer?” all my life), it works for me. I like it here.

The photo on the right is from after a run a few days ago (sweaty bra), but it’s a good representation of what I look like today.

Here’s the beginning of month/end of month comparison:

The girl on the left is just coasting along; the girl on the right is treating her body well!

When the temps heated up this week and I dug out all my warm-weather running clothes, I was thrilled to discover that all of my tank tops and shorts fit perfectly again. I have a white Nike tank that used to fit really well when I bought it a few years ago, then just clung to my stomach and showed every bulge when I tried it on last summer. Now it looks good again because there are no bulges to show!

I’ve regained the confidence to walk around without worrying about sucking in my stomach. I’ve gotten a bunch of new clothes because it’s fun to try them on again, and the sizes I expect to fit actually fit, or I have to go down a size. 

All that just from a month of cleaning up my eating. And I haven’t been perfect, either. I had a DQ blizzard last weekend, and a few of my favorite Easter treats on Friday — one marshmallow Peep, one Cadbury egg. The difference is that now when I choose to indulge, I really think about what I want to indulge in. I look at the nutrition facts first and think about how the treat(s) will play into the rest of my eating that day. I plug each treat in to My Fitness Pal, then ask myself, “Is it worth it?” and if the answer is yes, then I eat it and savor it without guilt. 

That’s just what works for me. Keeping track of my calories, carbs, fat, sugar, etc. in My Fitness Pal has made me so much more mindful of what I eat and why, so I’ll continue to do it — not to lose weight, necessarily, but just to stay on track with the progress I’ve made and make sure I’m eating good food and enough food as I continue to train for my June marathon.

And that’s all for now. Happy Easter!

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