Like magic

Today is an exciting day: I’m officially back in the 130s!!!

I may be back up in the low 140s tomorrow, but I’m still thrilled that I weighed in at 139.6 this morning — exactly six pounds down from my starting weight on March 1.

This is not from eating a dramatically low-cal diet or going hungry or anything; you can see every bite I’ve eaten on My Fitness Pal. I eat plenty to fill me up and fuel my workouts, but nothing extra!

It’s amazing that I’ve been running, cross-training, and lifting pretty consistently since Thanksgiving, but I’ve only seen significant, immediate weight loss and noticeable changes in my body shape since I cleaned up my eating.

I’ll post more thoughts on returning to Paleo eating and using My Fitness Pal, plus my official mid-month weigh-in, on Friday.

But for now… yippeeeeeee!

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