Recovery run and THE NEWS

I will write my half-marathon recap tonight and post it either tonight or tomorrow morning — I promise!

In the meantime, here’s my three-mile recovery run from Monday night:


Cold. Rainy. First two miles = not exactly recovery pace, but I felt fine. I slowed it way down for the last mile.

My legs were sore sore sore on Sunday and I had a bit of left IT band/knee trouble, but they feel great now!

On to the hilarious and entertaining news I teased back in mid-December. Someone guessed it had something to do with The Bachelor, and that someone was right!

If you followed along with this season or if you’ve seen the headlines today, you know that the bachelor, Sean, proposed to Catherine… who is Aaron’s ex-girlfriend of two years from college.

Catherine emailed Aaron back in December (the show finished shooting in late November) to let him know that she had filmed for The Bachelor and “got pretty far.” She wanted to give him a heads-up that producers had asked her to talk about her past relationships, and he was the only one she mentioned, but she said she only said good things. She also congratulated us on our engagement and wished us the best.

I watch The Bachelor religiously, so this was mind-blowing to me. I also read the online spoilers religiously, so I already knew back then that Catherine was engaged to Sean! I told Aaron to send the “congrats on your engagement” right back to her. 🙂

So, that’s why this was a really fun season to watch! I’ve never met Catherine (they broke up in ‘09; Aaron and I met in ‘10), so I only know her from what I’ve heard from Aaron, his family, his friends, and from TV.

Based on the show alone, I think she is gorgeous and adorable. I wasn’t sure how I would feel watching my fiance’s ex on TV every Monday, but I didn’t feel jealous or anything — just amused, and now happy for her that she seems happy. I’m too secure in my relationship with Aaron and with myself to feel any differently!

Best of luck to the new couple! Thanks for the entertainment. 🙂

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