Monday funday

Exciting things happened on Monday! Do you notice how I never blog on Monday nights because I’m too busy watching The Bachelor, and then I go to bed immediately afterward because 10:01 is past my bedtime?

Of course you don’t, but now you know.

Anyway, my new calorie-counting, Paleo-eating ways were put to the test yesterday when we had SUSHI for lunch. Our catered lunches are served buffet-style, and everyone goes nuts for sushi. I usually pile my plate as high as I can get it until I start feeling bad for the people behind me in line.

It took willpower, but I was a little smarter this time. I grabbed my very favorite items — salmon and tuna nigiri — and tossed the rice, so I got to enjoy the best part of sushi (sashimi) without the extra stuff I didn’t need.


I also made a big spinach salad with peppers and avocado and, later, had a  fat, juicy burger (that I brought from home) with a lettuce wrap and lots of mustard. Yum.

My jeans are so delightfully loose at the moment. It’s amazing.

I also woke up 30 minutes before my alarm today (5:45) and was just AWAKE and ready to get up. Unheard of. Cut the crap and the carbs and you get boundless energy, apparently.

Back to yesterday. I upgraded to a standing desk at work!


Quite a few of my co-workers have standing desks, and the wait list to get one is pretty brutal, apparently. You can jump to the front of the line if you get a doctor’s note that says sitting for long periods is bad for your health, but a co-worker in a nearby office ditched this desk yesterday and the office manager said I could have it. #winning

Unfortunately, I don’t have the corresponding chair yet… and it could take a while to get one. I may regret this decision because, you know, I run. A lot. And race. This weekend.

But my boss-slash-officemate has a standing desk and the proper chair, so she agreed to trade off use of the chair with me if I absolutely need to sit. We shall see.

Last but not least, here’s my run from last night:


Four miles in almost exactly 36 minutes at exactly 9:00/mile.


Two more runs to go before the race!!!

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