MyFitnessPal update

I’m three days in, and I’m loving MyFitnessPal!

Aaron and I are both using it, and we have fun inputting our food items, scanning product barcodes with our phones (weirdly really, really fun), and comparing notes. We’re both stubborn, overachiever types who like to stick to our goals, so MyFitnessPal is working really well for us so far.

It’s so helpful for me to wrap my head around how many calories I should be eating in a day so I can choose healthier foods that fill me up, rather than waste 500 calories on treats that’ll only make me crave sugar and still feel hungry.

I looooove how I can input my exercise and “earn” extra calories to eat, like the 1261 I burned ‘n’ earned from my 11-miler yesterday. It’s such good motivation to stick to my training plan and actually do my workouts!

That’s not to say I’ll eat every last calorie every day just because I can; for example, the “goal” that MyFitnessPal gave me for yesterday was to eat 2,821 calories, and I only ate 2,484. I ate whenever I was hungry until I was full and comfortable, and then stopped. That’s the real goal — to learn how to do that!

On the flip side, I will never let myself go hungry if MFP sets my “goal” for fewer calories than I feel comfortable eating. I’m about to start training for a marathon; if I’m hungry, I’ll eat, regardless of what MFP says!

Aaaanyway. Today I actually did my cross-training after Aaron’s race!

On the spin bike:

  • Time: 45:20
  • Distance: 11.20 miles
  • Average speed: 14.7 mph

As tempting as it is to just rest my legs the day after a double-digit run, I always find that my legs feel fresher and faster on Mondays if I cross-train, stretch, and foam roll on Sundays. Funny how that works!

Only three more runs to go before my half-marathon.

Four miles Monday, three miles Tuesday, two miles Wednesday, rest, rest, RAAAACE!

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