Oh hayyyyy-ell no

I’m pissed, you guys. Pissed. Creepers be creepin’ EVERYWHERE!

First up, we have this news of an attempted abduction on Sunday night:

“The woman was walking in the 8500 block of Fremont Avenue North just before 8 p.m. when a male jumped out of a van and pulled the woman inside.

"The woman fought the suspect and was able to free herself before the suspect could drive off with her inside the vehicle.”

This did not happen in my exact neighborhood, but close enough to scare the hell out of me! Plus, I doubt kidnappers in white vans stick to strict neighborhood boundaries. Those creepers are still on the loose.


“A woman out jogging near Seattle’s Green Lake was grabbed by a man Monday morning, but a bicyclist chased the attacker away.

"It happened around 6:30 a.m. on the outer Green Lake Trail near Green Lake Drive and Wallingford Avenue.

"Police say the woman heard someone coming up behind her that she thought was another jogger. The man grabbed her and pulled her into the trees. The woman screamed and was able to fight the man.

"A bicyclist heard the woman screaming and chased the man away.”

WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. Thank you for ruining my favorite running route, creeper.

Aaron is going to accompany me on my run tonight and, starting Wednesday, I’m going to run during my lunch break in broad daylight until it gets light enough that I feel safe running after work again.

I get super-sweaty when I run, so it’ll be interesting trying to rinse off/figure out what to do with my hair and makeup at work post-run (we do have showers in the building, but I’m not exactly fast at showering and getting ready).

It’s better to be a little awkward-looking at work than dead in a van or a bush, though (UNDERSTATEMENT).

Anyway. Thank God both of those women were able to fight off their attackers. I hate to think of what those headlines would say otherwise.

EDIT: But wait, there’s more! Here’s a THIRD news story from Friday night:

“Police say at about 7 p.m., the victim was walking home from the Northgate Mall area when she was jumped by an unknown male and pulled into a weeded area. The victim fought with the man as he sexually assaulted her.”

I actually have no words.

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