Three weeks at 100 percent

This morning, I ran three miles.


There was nothing particularly special about this run except for the fact that it marked three consecutive weeks that I’ve completed every workout on my training plan. I’m moved workouts around to due to travel and rain, but I still did them all!


As I patted myself on the back this morning, I thought about two things:


Why is it that I was unable to start running regularly again when I was unemployed and had tons of free time in July, August, and September, but I’ve managed to get back into running while working a full-time job in December and January — the darkest, coldest, shittiest-weather months?

Routine. It does wonders. I work from 9-6, I run from 6:30-whenever, I eat, I sleep. I clearly operate best on a schedule, since too much free time presents me with too many options, which then leads to decision-paralysis, which then leads to me doing nothing.

Everyone operates differently, but it’s crucial for me to have a good routine.


I also thrive when I have a training plan, even if I’m not technically training for anything. It reminds me that exercise is not something that’s nice to do when I have some free time; I have to make the time to exercise, and it is not optional. It is too important to me — for my mind, my body, and my health — to treat it as extra credit.

If you make it optional, you just give yourself a big ol’ excuse to bail.


Abrupt subject change: If you are not following Aaron on Instagram, you are missing out on gems such as these:




He’s always wanted a sweet bike-shorts tan line. Dreams are coming true before our eyes, people!

Today, he rode up to the summit of Haleakala, a massive volcano, and back down. NO BIG DEAL.

From the Garmin live-stalker on his way down:


The elevation gain is ridiculous. I’m actually going to marry a crazy person.

I’m so proud.

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