It’s a motherf*#$in’ calf-off

OK, first you have to look at this impressive post by Chris for the following photos to make sense.

Did you look?

Good. Good show, Chris! You’re a beast.

Aaron wanted me to post a photo of his quad to show what a cyclist’s “leg guns” look like:


So there’s that. It is much scarier in person, I assure you. (The tattoo is a Greg LeMond quote: “It never get easier, you just go faster.”)

This photo led, naturally, to… a calf-off.

Aaron’s cyclist calves, complete with grandpa socks:


My runner calves, complete with gruesome bike-accident scar:


I think he wins. It’s sort of hard to compete with this.

Is it weird that this isn’t even the first time that we’ve had a calf-off? (Yes.)

July 2011:



I totes won that one!

Anyway. I actually worked on my ARM muscles tonight with this workout once again. I also threw in some sit-ups for good measure.

It feels great to be able to rest my legs before tomorrow’s killer speed intervals! Until then… sleep tight.

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