A day late

I’m behind on posting yesterday’s run because once I was done, Aaron and I immediately watched a movie, then The Bachelor, and then went straight to bed. I didn’t even shower. Gross.

I decided to run yesterday’s 5 miles on the outer loop of Green Lake because:

  • I wouldn’t have to dodge the dog-walking, baby-strolling entourages that crowd the inner loop during the day.
  • I could get in more mileage without having to backtrack as much to get to 5 miles.
  • I thought the packed dirt/loose gravel of the outer loop would be a nice change from the pavement of the inner loop.

The key phrase in that last point is I THOUGHT.

It certainly was a change, but I wouldn’t call it nice. It was tough. I could feel tiny, seldom-used muscles in my legs just firing away. I don’t want to compare it to trail running because I’m sure that is MUCH harder, but dang, you trail runners are nuts.


Behold, a slightly slower-than-usual run that undoubtedly helped my legs get stronger. I’ll take it! Buuuuut I won’t be revisiting the outer loop for a while.

Today is a good day. I just have strength-training on tap for tonight, and my FAVORITE lunch was served at work:


SUSHI! Not even slightly ashamed of how high I piled my plate. I would go back for more, but I’m sure it’s all gone now. Everyone loves sushi day.

I normally try to partake of our catered lunches in a semi-healthy way, sticking to salad, veggies, and protein when possible. If it’s pizza day, I skip the buffet completely and make a big salad from the communal fridge. But on sushi day… I go nuts! And it comes around so rarely that I don’t feel bad about it.

What kind of food is a “worth-it” splurge for you every now and then? Aaron’s will always be pizza, followed closely by Reese’s anything. Other than sushi, my top indulgence is a chocolate milkshake. : )

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