It’s a small world

EXCITING DAY, people!!

In the three months I’ve been at my job, I’ve worked at two desks on two floors, due to massive expansion/construction in the office. Today, I moved to my third and final location, and it is sweet.

I have a lovely window seat that looks out over the Puget Sound, the Great Wheel, Pike Place Market, CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field. I get to watch the ferries come and go all day. Oh, and I do some work, too.

At my company, the CEO and other execs occupy the inner offices without windows; it’s something about staying humble. I appreciate that, because in no other universe would this intern-turned-copywriter ever get an office with such a killer view. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts in case management realizes they’ve made a terrible mistake with my seat assignment…

Aaaaanyway. On to tonight’s run. I meant to take it easy, but I kinda, sorta, maybe… raced it.

I felt great! The night was warmer than usual (high 40s, maybe?), so I just wore my favorite long-sleeved running top rather than a pullover or jacket, and didn’t even bring gloves. Glorious. It was practically summer, compared to last week’s snowy run.

Time for the guilty-pleasure reality-TV roll call: Who watches The Bachelor??

It’s the highlight of every Monday for me, and you better believe that I have a front-row seat for the sh*tshow this season. I mayyy have run extra-fast tonight just to make it home in time for the season premiere.

The very best part is making Aaron watch it with me. His commentary is so hilarious, particularly this season. Pure gold.

And with that, I go to bed ridiculously happy. Good night!

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