Wind like whoa

I’ve never seen legit waves crash up against the shores of itty-bitty Green Lake… until tonight.

Luckily, I was dressed for the relentless wind and rain!


Notice Aaron photobombing me with his version of Strutting Leo. Heh.

I wore Aaron’s beanie to keep my ears warm, my running hat to keep the rain off my face, and the hood of my jacket to stay dry. It all worked well until the wind blew fat raindrops horizontally, right into my face.

Well played, mother nature.

Tonight’s speed intervals:

  • 0.5 mi warmup
  • Four sets of 0.25 mi fast and 0.25 mi recovery
  • 1 mi cool-down


I enjoyed that speedy mile home! Anything to get me away from the windy death trap of Green Lake.

Post-run: Is it rain? Is it sweat?


Who knows? That’s the fun.

I’ve slacked on some areas of my training plan, but in four weeks, I’ve done all my speed workouts. And they’ve really paid off!

I just added the average pace of each of my completed runs to my training plan, and you can see the pace slowly dropping through the weeks. I’ll try longer speed intervals with shorter periods of recovery next week to help me get even stronger and run even faster!

I’ve made tomorrow my rest day and moved a 2 mi run + strength training to Friday because we’re going to see Louis CK perform standup tomorrow night! The show starts at 10 p.m., and I usually try to be in bed by 9:58, so it’ll be interesting trying to stay awake. Not to mention trying to stay awake the next day at work…

And I shall end with a random photo from Aaron’s holiday party last Friday. Shh, just go with it:


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