Night run

I put on all of my safety gear tonight and went for a run!

Dork alert:

Sadly, this dorky photo op was not a one-time thing. Check out this one from November 2011:

Oh, dear. It must’ve been warmer outside… or I ran fast! I can’t imagine wearing shorts for a night run now.

Anyway, I was just ridiculously decked out in running gear tonight. From head to toe, I wore:

– A hat
– A headlamp
– A long-sleeved Lululemon tech shirt
– A lightweight Brooks rain jacket (because of the bright color/reflective strips)Β 
RoadID bracelet
– Garmin Forerunner 305
– Gloves
– Fuel belt with water bottles
– Bright, blinky light attached to the fuel belt
– Running tights
– Compression sleeves
– Socks
– Running shoes

…the hell? So much stuff. Better ridiculously safe than sorry, I guess.

Earlier today, I told Aaron that I was planning to run because I knew he would hold me to it if I decided to wimp out at the last minute.Β I also hyped up the run all day in my head, then changed into my gear right when I got home from work. I knew if I let myself get distracted by some other activity or mentally left room to make excuses, I would!

The run was on the slow side, but I’m so glad I went.

It was easy enough to get out there tonight when the weather was clear and cold, but it’ll be really tough when I have to deal with rain and/or wind AND cold. I reserve the right to switch around strength and cross-training days to avoid that misery.

Speaking of the training plan, I’m going to create it right now! It’ll be based off of this Hal Higdon plan, but with some workouts on different days to accommodate my majestical daily life.

I’ll post it soon!

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