Triumph and a training plan

The weather has such a huge impact on whether I will run or not, how far I’ll go, and if I’ll enjoy it.

Today, the weather was in my favor.

I set out for three miles around Green Lake, but the weather was so spectacular that I extended the run to four. Blue skies and sunshine are mighty rare around these parts from November to March, so one must take advantage when they appear!

I tend to run too quickly early on and wear myself out, so I tried to run at a slower, more even pace to ensure I wouldn’t have to stop to catch my breath. It worked, and I felt triumphant when I was done. Mental fist pumps and all that.

Anyway, I totally suck at exercising when I don’t have something to train for, so I’m going to start Hal Higdon’s Novice I half-marathon training plan just to have a schedule to follow. My next half-marathon isn’t until the end of June, but this will at least get me back into a running groove so that I’ll have a nice base set up for when I really start busting my ass to train for a half-marathon PR (sub-1:59).

And Aaron just set up my bike on the indoor trainer, so I’ll be able to use that for cross-training. There are no guard rails in our living room, thank goodness. : )

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