I’m thankful for…

…a fiance who can mash with the best of ‘em…

…who also happens to look very good in a peacoat…

…who has a family that has welcomed me more wholeheartedly than I could ask for…

…and whose family (chiefly Mama Pass) also puts together a killer Thanksgiving spread.

I’m also very thankful for:

  • My side of the family, with whom we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving tonight and Sunday.
  • The chance to see Aaron’s niece and nephew have so much fun with Uncle Aaron on Thanksgiving, and to know that he will be such a good father someday.
  • My 12-hour food coma. I literally slept from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., and it was glorious.
  • The fact that my UW Huskies will beat Aaron’s Cougars in the Apple Cup today.

Hey, I love the guy, but it’s not my fault that my alma mater is vastly superior in every way. : )

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