Happy Halloween!!

It’s my faaaaavorite holiday! I’ve been busy enjoying all the festivities that go along with it and clearly neglecting to blog. I just decided to take October mostly off from the Internet and return in November… aka tomorrow.

Recap of the photos above:

1. and 2. I was a red panda for Halloween and Aaron was a horse head.

3. You MUST look at the customer images on Amazon for the horse head. Hardest I’ve ever laughed.

4. Aaron was a real sport at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. I’m a picky pumpkin-picker. The ones he’s holding aren’t even the ones we bought. You know.

5. Loving it.

6. Name that movie!

7. Aaron’s on the left, mine on the right.

8. The festivities at work today: A costume contest (yes, I wore mine), pumpkin-carving contest, festive decor and lots of pumpkin beer.

I’ve definitely eaten too much fun-sized candy today, and Aaron and I just got back from getting the bejeezus scared out of us at a haunted house. That means I’ve officially checked off all of my essential Halloween activities!

Hope you all had a great one. See you in November.

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