Disappearing act

Ohhh, Tumblr, how I’ve failed you!

I started my new job a week ago and have totally neglected the Internets since then.

The good news is that I’m LOVING the job — perfect location, fun environment, friendly and cool people — and am very, very happy with the direction life is heading.

The bad news is that I’ve turned into an exhausted old lady who wants to go to sleep by 8:00 every night, but manages to stay up until 9:00. Barely.

But, wait, there’s more good news! Aaron and I are already making huge progress planning our wedding. Check out our Wedding board on Pinterest for huge, major hints about the decor, colors, time of year, dress and more that we have in mind. Mark your calendars for 2014!

Hint, hint, hint!

My next post on Answering Oliver WILL be the full proposal story, but I just have one more person I want to tell it to in person (my dad) before it goes online.

But… I’ll give you this. I don’t know about you, but I really like to stalk people’s engagement rings on Facebook, so here’s a better look at mine…

You can tell I was unprepared for the proposal because my nails were NOT groomed or cute at all. I thought about getting a manicure before the trip, but I’m not usually a manicure girl and I didn’t want to jinx things. : )

(This photo is from right after the proposal, and this is actually my right hand flipped to look like my left. I finally did get the ring on my left hand, though! Yay for soap + water + cold temps that reduced the swelling of my joint!)

Whoa, sorry for the huge pic. The round center stone is the diamond from Aaron’s mom’s wedding band (she now wears her mother’s wedding set), which is hugely sweet and meaningful! There are smaller diamonds in the halo around the center stone, partially around the band and up each of the four prongs.

We did a little ring shopping a few months ago, and Aaron quickly learned what kind of setting I liked and picked this one out of the case himself. We both knew it was just perfect. I couldn’t be happier (for many reasons)!

In running news, it is ridiculously cold in Seattle right now, and I haven’t mustered the energy or bravery to go for my first post-trip run yet. I will… soon… I hope.

I want this to stay a running blog and not turn into a wedding-planning blog! Or maybe I can blog about running with updates here and there about wedding planning? We shall see.

Good night!

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