3 miles and killer dogs

I took my new (used) Garmin out for three miles today and was pleased to find that everything seems to function well.

I figured out during the run that the watch was not set to auto-lap to record my mile splits, but I think I’ve fixed that now. I’ll find out tomorrow!

Does anyone else get antagonized by neighborhood dogs when they run? I love dogs, but it freaks the crap out of me when they bark and sprint toward me as I run by their yards, stopping short only because of really good training or invisible fences. 

I know that nine times out of 10, dogs will just sniff you and maybe lick your hand after they run up to you, but you just never know.

I once had a dachshund named Ivan go nuts on me as I made my way to Green Lake. I know, I know — I could probably defend myself from a dachshund, but I swear the little guy was vicious. His tiny legs carried him through his unfenced yard as fast as he could until his owner screamed at him to stay back, and only then did I feel somewhat safe as I continued on my innocent run. COME AT ME, BRO.

Today, I stashed my water bottle behind a fire hydrant so I could take a swig after each of my three laps around the neighborhood. On my second water break, I heard the swishing sounds of a dog running through grass toward me, and I looked up to find the calm, friendly face of a German shepherd staring curiously at me through a neighbor’s (blessed) fence.

Go figure that the one dog who might actually tear my shit up is a pacifist. Ivan, the dachshund of my nightmares, could take a page.

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