Today, just under two weeks after my bike accident, I got back in the saddle.

I wanted to ride again to start rebuilding my confidence on the bike and prove to myself that what happened on Labor Day was an entirely preventable accident that won’t happen again as long as I’m careful.

Aaron and I drove out to the same trail, but past that sharp turn where I slammed into a guardrail, and did an out-and-back ride for a total of 14 miles at a nice, slow, cautious 10.5 mph average speed. Thank you, Aaron, for being so patient with me!!

I can’t say that I’m 100% confident now — my heart froze every time we came to a bend that had the same type of guardrail that left me with bruises all over my body — but it was a big step just to ride again, and I know I’ll only feel better every time. I will not be riding again before our trip to Italy, though, just in case!

The next time I ride will be on “tree-lined avenues and winding country roads dotted with olive groves, villas and vineyards” — on a wine tour in Tuscany.

Because nothing helps you recover from the trauma of a bike accident like riding with a bit of wine in ya. : )

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