A quick update

When I don’t really have anything to share, I just don’t post. I guess I’d rather be absent from Tumblr than super boring.

But here’s an update on my bike-accident recovery: I saw my chiropractor, Dr. Formo, yesterday and she worked MIRACLES on my neck, which had been very stiff and painful since the crash. She cracked everything back into place and I woke up this morning feeling fantastic!

Dr. Formo is a 3:15 marathoner, so I obviously do everything she says, and she recommended I continue resting this weekend and start running again on Monday.

My bruises continue to develop into more delightful and robust colors, and I still have a swollen/partially numb bump on my left leg, so she said it would be best to let my body focus on healing. That leaves me with just under two weeks to prepare for the 5K on Sept. 23, which I’m totally fine with.

Fun fact: Strangers are not shy about asking, “Sooo… what happened?” when you walk around looking like you got the shit kicked out of you. Luckily I have the chain scrape to prove it was just a bike accident!

It has been great to relax this week and focus on looking for a job. For weeks, I’ve browsed jobs and been too afraid to apply for some of the ones that I’m technically unqualified for. I don’t know what I thought would happen… like I would get emails back saying, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, right.” Silly.

This week, I just set aside my fears and sent out resumes like crazy, and what do you know? My phone started ringing.

Now I just have to get these bruises healed before in-person interviews next week!

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