“Long” run

My “long” runs for 5K training are only four and five miles. Today I meant to do an easy four, but ended up pushing my pace again and completed a really sweaty and satisfying run.

The 0.80 mile to Green Lake is mostly downhill, so it’s easy to run a little faster than usual for the first mile. Once I reached GL today, I just couldn’t slow down! I tried… I failed… and I thought, “Well, what’s wrong with running at this pace if it feels good?”

Ain’t nothing wrong.

I also lifted weights back at home. The White Stripes station on Pandora is excellent background music for this, by the way.

My whole body is tired in a good way. Tomorrow is technically a rest day, but Aaron and I are going to bust out a bike ride. I’m excited to break in my new gear!

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