Beast mode: Activate!

Aaron is alive! He texted me that his ride went well and he’s at his mom’s house now. Whew.

Meanwhile, I had a GREAT three-mile run down to Green Lake and back.

My 5K training plan called for an easy three, but I pushed my pace a little because I was feeling so good. It was a beautiful morning and I felt like flying. Negative splits!

I also think wearing my compression sleeves made a big difference. My legs felt a little shin splint-y after my last run, but they felt really strong with the sleeves on. I have these ones from CEP, which seem pricey at $40, but they’ve served me well all throughout marathon training, during the marathon itself and now.

On to something more fun: HALLOWEEN!

It’s my favorite holiday by far. I was at Target last weekend and saw a whole section of Halloween greeting cards and almost had a heart attack. I’m so, so, so excited for Halloween.

My question is this: Of these animals, which should I be for Halloween? I’m leaning toward red panda or Japanese red fox. (This would also be a comfy thing to wear around the house in the winter, or to wear to the grocery store and freak people out. Heh.)

Who else is excited for Halloween?? What do you want to be?

I highly recommend this, if you want to impress people:

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