Did y’all know that lululemon has a women’s cycling team?

I didn’t, until I walked into Aaron’s favorite bike shop and gasped when I saw a female mannequin rocking a Specialized-lululemon jersey and helmet — the same ones worn by the cycling team members. So cute!

Aaron was amazed, too. Apparently, he’d been secretly trying to find the jersey for me for months (I’ve never found a jersey I liked enough to buy), but it was sold out at lululemon and hard to find on Ebay.

The bike shop had one jersey that was randomly returned by someone, and it was my size — clearly destined to be mine. : ) Thank you for the early Christmas present, A!!

I had to get the helmet, too, because… matching. Pretty colors. Or something. What was the question?

Cute jersey = motivation to take my bike out for a spin this weekend. Silly, I know, but I’m a girl.

Obviously you don’t need fancy clothes and accessories to cycle — I’ve ridden quite a bit in regular running tops/tanks and my old helmet from Target; here is what I do recommend you get to start cycling — but it’s fun to add new stuff to the mix once in a while.

I’ve found, in both running and cycling, that it’s better to invest in a few quality pieces that are comfortable and will last a long time rather than buy an array of cheap items that’ll fall apart/be uncomfortable/etc.

Anyway, that’s all I have. It’s a rest day. Happy Friday!

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