Exciting news!

Sorry, not that kind of exciting news. I just had to trick y’all for a second. : )

The diamonds in this ring have been passed down through my family on my mother’s side. A family friend, Mrs. Mandry, gave them to my great-grandmother in the form of earrings. The Mandrys had no children, so great-g got the bling!

She passed them on to my grandmother, who didn’t have pierced ears, so she had them set in this ring. My mother inherited it when she passed away, and it’s too big for either of us to wear/not our style, so it’s been sitting in a drawer for years.

I came across it recently and asked my mom if I could turn the diamonds into earrings again. She said yes, and Aaron has a family connection at a jewelry store (a really good connection to have, don’t you think?), so I got a great deal and a nice, shiny set of earrings!

I’ve always worn cheap, fake earrings from Claire’s that turn green and gross after awhile, so it’s really great to have some legit jewelry that also has family meaning. It has nothing to do with running, but I was excited to get them from the jeweler today and I wanted to share. : )

Now, for the running! I’ve stuck with my training plan and had a great couple of runs since I last posted.

Yesterday, speed intervals:

– 1 mile warmup
– 0.25 mile fast
– 0.12 mile walk/jog recovery (x7)
– 0.41 cool-down run home


I wasn’t trying to hit any particular pace for my sprints; I just tried to settle into a pace I could maintain for a quarter-mile while pushing myself. I’m happy to see that I got down to the mid 8:00 range! Haven’t been there for a whiiiile.

Tonight, a tempo run:

– 1 mile warmup
– 1 mile comfortably hard
– 1 mile cool down

I’m noticing huge improvements in my endurance. I’m now running these miles straight through and just stopping at water fountains and crosswalks. This is my first run since I sprained my ankle that’s been under a 10:00 minute/mile average pace.

Maybe that sub-30 5K really is in reach.

Legs are very tired after three straight days of running. Very excited to rest tomorrow!

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