Perceived limitations are stupid

I’ve been limiting my runs to fewer than 3 miles and going into each workout with set distances I’ll run and walk.

I’ve been afraid to push too hard and possibly reinjure my ankle.

I’ve been too paranoid.

Today, I decided I’d just run when I felt like running and walk when I felt like walking. I didn’t limit my distance.

And I’m extremely happy with the results.

I started the first mile by walking 0.10 mile and running the rest. I ran the entire second mile (unintentionally) at last year’s marathon training pace (!!!). I walked off and on in the third mile due to side aches. I ran most of the rest of the way with only brief stops to walk.

Times I had to walk because my ankle hurt: NONE.

Amount my ankle swelled up after the run: NONE.

How I felt after finishing this run, realizing that I feel completely normal again and just need to work on my stamina: AMAZING.

It’s so nice to post runs to Daily Mile again. I love tracking my workouts as I train for a race! (If we’re not friends yet, add me, yo!)

It’s so ridiculous to look at the last few months of mileage compared to my final months of marathon training late last year.

I’ll get there again. Can’t wait.

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