Sunshine ‘n drinks

I almost didn’t run yesterday, but it was so nice and sunny out (finally) that I couldn’t resist!

I took a picture… because in Seattle, it lasts longer.

My quarter-miles:


In four circles. Squares?


I skipped icing my ankle afterward because I jumped straight into the shower to get ready for a happy-hour meetup — big mistake. It’s sore and a bit swollen today, so no high-impact stuff for me. Maybe just a nice walk!

Kristin and Shannon from {r}evolution apparel are in town on their sustainable fashion tour, so I met up with them and a few other ladies for drinks in Ballard. I backed their Kickstarter campaign to launch their company and produce their signature piece, the Versalette, and I can’t wait to receive my reward — one of the first Versalettes!

{r}evolution apparel presents The Versalette from {r}evolution apparel on Vimeo.

I’m heading to Portland a week from today for the second annual World Domination Summit, and Kristin and Shannon will be two of my 11 awesome roommates in a hostel dorm! I went to this conference last year not knowing a single person, and now I have a bunch of cool traveler/entrepreneur friends to room with. Very exciting.

Oh, and if any Portland Tumblr people want to meet up, I’ll be there July 5-15. Holla!

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