Weigh-in Wednesday: Paleo, Week 4

This is it! The final weigh-in and post about my one month of eating Paleo.

As predicted, the scale is up. Way up!

Starting weight, 5/30: 150.8 pounds

Paleo week 1, 6/6: 146.6 pounds

Paleo week 2, 6/13: 143.7 pounds

Paleo week 3, 6/20: 144.4 pounds

Gain this week: 2.9 pounds

Total loss over four weeks: 3.5 pounds

I see some differences in my stomach, hips and thighs that I’m definitely happy about. I’m still about 9 pounds away from the shape I used to be in (and would like to be in again), but I’m happy with the way things are going so far!



How I ate: I ate wayyy more sugary fruit, Paleo treats and dark chocolate than I should have this week! I ate more haphazardly — meaning I had fewer sit-down meals and just grabbed things here and there — and that meant I wasn’t getting the protein/veggie/healthy fat combo at every meal, which I know keeps me full and cuts down on cravings.

I got really sick of photographing my food, and the combination of not documenting what I ate + craving sugary things led to me overindulging in dates, mangos, berry smoothies, Paleo cobbler and cookies, etc. Those things aren’t as bad as the processed treats I used to eat, but they’re still not meant to be eaten in huge quantities. It’s an ongoing struggle to learn how to practice moderation!

How I exercised: I exercised the most this week and still gained weight, which just goes to show you that you can’t outrun a bad diet (or I gained some muscle — probably a combination).

Thursday: Level 1 of 30DS and 2.6-mile walk
Friday: Level 2 of 30DS and 1-mile walk
Saturday: Rest 
Sunday: 11-mile bike ride
Monday: Level 1 of 30DS and physical therapy
Tuesday: No More Trouble Zones and 2-mile run/walk

How I felt: Being able to exercise almost normally again is a huge morale booster! I still have a lot of energy. I am having issues with sugar cravings, though, and I think they get worse the more I give in.

How my body has changed: You can judge for yourself from the photos above! A month ago, I felt self-conscious everywhere I went and worried about sucking in my belly. Now, I feel more like my old self — like I’m becoming an athlete again. Every time I work out, I feel more confident even if there is no noticeable physical change right away. The fact that my ankle is strong and I can run again makes me way happier than any amount of weight loss could!


So, what’s next? I will continue to eat Paleo for the most part — I’ll probably follow an 80/20 style of eating. I’d like to plan for one non-Paleo meal a week, since I really do love Mexican food, cheese, bread, etc! I just want the non-Paleo food to be thought out and chosen on my own terms, not eaten out of desperation or wild cravings.

I won’t post food photos unless I eat something really awesome and feel like sharing it/the recipe. This blog will focus more on its actual name, Dev on Running, now that I can run again! I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll continue weekly weigh-ins and progress photos — thoughts?

Thanks to everyone for the support this past month! Now… let’s go run.

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