Sunday in photos

We went to the Ballard Farmer’s Market

bought some really delicious bacon

discovered how easy it is to make almond flour with Aaron’s new blender

made excellent Paleo cookies (and added ½ cup of dark chocolate chunks to the recipe)

threw our bikes on the Subaru

headed to the trail

rode nearly 11 miles in 55 minutes (slow and steady)

and came home to a wonderful dinner, thanks to Aaron’s crock pot skillz.

Not pictured: Breakfast (leftover steak, berry smoothie), snack (fresh mango), lunch (apple with almond butter, farmer’s market bacon, sweet potato fries), Cold Mountain (heartbreaking) and Scrabble (Aaron won).

Lots of sugar this weekend. Not nearly enough vegetables. Wouldn’t be surprised if the number on the scale goes up or doesn’t change on Wednesday.

BUT I had a fantastic weekend and am extremely happy and content with life. There’s plenty of time for vegetables… tomorrow.

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