Let me make this very clear: Eggs Benedict is my favorite breakfast of all time. I especially love it with smoked salmon. I could eat Hollandaise sauce with a spoon.

Today I did my own version with ingredients I had on hand and used a Hollandaise-like sauce recipe from Everyday Paleo. (Traditional Hollandaise contains butter as well.)

I roasted two rounds of eggplants (here’s how), topped them with three scrambled egg whites and smothered it all with the glorious, decadent sauce. A pinch of cayenne pepper and chives finished it off.

Note: I normally scramble whole eggs, but the sauce recipe called for three egg yolks, so I had three whites left over. I didn’t want to eat more than three eggs total for breakfast!

Second note: I used lemon juice from a little squeeze bottle, which was of a questionable age, but I will definitely use fresh lemon juice next time.

Third note: When the recipe says to whisk the sauce in a metal bowl over boiling water, it means metal. I tried it with a glass bowl and the sauce wouldn’t thicken… until I switched to a metal bowl. Don’t be like me.

Fourth note: Later today, I’m making something that calls for bacon grease. Since I have none on hand, I made bacon… saved the grease… and ate the bacon while I was cooking breakfast. I’m not sorry.

Before breakfast, I did Level 2 of the 30-Day Shred, which was pretty tough. It’s raining now, but I’d like to go for a walk later, too. Maybe I’ll just muster up some mental toughness and walk in the rain. I have a feeling, though, that walking in the rain is about 10x as miserable as running in the rain.

Happy Friday!

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