Paleo lasagna!

I made this recipe from my copy of Everyday Paleo, but the book version is slightly different than the online version. I used the book version, which calls for:

– 1 pound of ground beef instead of 2 pounds
– ½ cup fresh basil rather than 2 Tbsp dried basil
– ½ Tbsp black pepper, which is not listed in the online version

I also used regular Italian sausage rather than mild, which made this nice and spicy! My mom, Don and I loved it. I would probably call it a “zucchini-meat bake” rather than lasagna, though, since it didn’t hold together nearly as well as the traditional pasta-and-cheese version.

If you don’t dig zucchini, you could use slices of eggplant or any type of squash. Choose your own adventure!

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