Fancy schmancy

My lunch looks all fancy and shiz, but I promise it was very simple to make!

I had leftover tilapia from last night (just pan-fried in a bit of coconut oil with paprika and pepper), steamed broccoli and a whole tomato sliced, drizzled with olive oil and covered in fresh basil.

That last bit is the Paleo version of a Caprese salad, I suppose. Yes, it is so much better with delicious mozzarella, but this was pretty good, too.

Breakfast was not quite so photogenic…

Bacon, eggs, kale and chives. As much as I love this breakfast, I’m getting a bit burned out on kale. Time for us to part ways for a bit.

I broke quite a sweat at PT today. I walked forward and backward on the treadmill, did squats and balanced on one foot on a BOSU ball, did agility exercises (which made me feel both like a football player and a show dog) and some crab-style sideways walking with an elastic band around my ankles. A mom and teen daughter in the waiting room stared through the open door at me the whole time. So cruel. (Just kidding — I actually really enjoy PT.)

ALSO. I get to start a running program NEXT WEEK!!!

Tonight, I’m making a Paleo version of one of my favorite dinners. I hope it turns out well!

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